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[PCUSANEWS] Peacemaking recommendations sail through Assembly

Date 29 May 2003 21:53:41 -0400

Note #7772 from PCUSA NEWS to PRESBYNEWS:

Peacemaking recommendations sail through Assembly

Peacemaking recommendations sail through Assembly

by Midge Mack and Nancy Borst

DENVER, May 28 - Peace reigned among General Assembly commissioners when they
received the report of the Assembly Committee on Peacemaking Wednesday.

	A minority report was anticipated on a resolution concerning the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but did not materialize. 

	"End The Occupation Now," a document prepared by the Advisory
Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP), was approved with a few
amendments to eliminate words considered inflammatory.

	The Assembly approved Overture 3-30, supports the Nuclear
Non-proliferation Treaty, and agreed with a committee recommendation to
broaden its focus by making it refer to "all nations," rather than just the
United States and Russia. 

	The Assembly also amended the overture to include a recommendation
that nations "steadily decrease the number of nuclear weapons available for
immediate deployment in concert with other nuclear powers, in order to
de-escalate global nuclear tensions."

	The commissioners agreed with all the committee's recommendations,
voting to approve:
	An overture "On Strengthening Our Christian Peacemaking Vision and
Witness in Wartime," with amendments calling for the Office of the General
Assembly to maintain a "voluntary registry" of conscientious objectors and to
educate PC(USA) military chaplains about church and government policies on
conscientious objection.
	Production of a study document on "Iraq and Beyond" that includes a
call for a "spirit of humility and patience" in responding to perceptions of
U.S. behavior in the Middle East.

	A statement on peace and reunification in Korea.
	A reaffirmation of the PC(USA)'s commitment to peacemaking.
	A recommendation that PC(USA) members and officials listen to the
views of partners in times of crisis, and publishing partners' comments on
the denomination's Web site.

	Commissioners' resolutions urging solidarity with the people and
churches of Pakistan; calling for church-wide prayers for peace; and
expressing concern for the peace process in Guatemala on the PC(USA) Web

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