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[ENS] Presiding Bishop addresses ECW

From "Mika Larson" <>
Date Fri, 1 Aug 2003 17:48:06 -0400

August 1, 2003

Presiding Bishop addresses ECW

by Terry Jolliffe
Triennial Today 
[ENS] Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold entered ECW's Plenary III meetings
to the sounds of "Hail to the Chief" on the piano to address the women
in attendance. Calling ECW "an integral part of this vast gathering,"
Griswold focused on the mission of the church in the reconciliation of
all things in Christ by breaking down divisions.  

Beginning by reconciling ourselves to our own imperfections, he
explained, we then welcome each other in generosity and recognize that
our differences are "a part of the larger truth of Christ." His role as
presiding bishop, he said, is to bring everyone into the conversation;
ours is to become global in reconciliation.

Other business

The slate of officers for election was presented; elections will be held
immediately following Saturday morning's Eucharist service.

A bylaw amendment concerning nominations was approved.	In the future,
nominations made from the floor may be submitted up to 24 hours before
the designated election time. This change was made to accommodate the
new Triennial Meeting schedule, compressing all business meetings into
the first week of the meeting.

Treasurer Patricia Tourangeau reported on the financial transactions of
the past three years. She reminded members that financial aid is
available for Triennial Meeting expenses, and those forms must be sent
to each diocesan ECW president and bishop before each Triennial Meeting.

The ECW National Board has awarded grants to several sister
organizations. The United Thank Offering, Church Periodical Club,
Episcopal Women's Caucus, National Altar Guild, and Girl's Friendly
Society each received $500 grants.

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