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[ENS] National Altar Guild Association unites art with learning

From "Mika Larson" <>
Date Mon, 4 Aug 2003 17:25:33 -0400

August 4, 2003

National Altar Guild Association unites art with learning

Triennial Today
The National Altar Guild Association is one of many Episcopal
organizations meeting this week in conjunction with General Convention. 
The diverse ministry offered by members of this 86-year-old organization
also requires diversity when putting together the meeting. This week
delegates have:

Heard congregational development consultant Mary MacGregor discuss
"Using Art to Enhance Our Ministry."

Listened as the Rev. S. Albert Kennington of Trinity Episcopal Church in
Mobile, Ala., talked about "Art in Our Furnishings and Vestments." 
Learned the "Art in Carpets of Flowers" from North Carolinian Rosemary
Easton, also known as "The Flower Carpet Lady." 
Heard a presentation from Karen E. Johnson, an accomplished South
Carolina needle artist and teacher, on "The Art of Restoring and
Recycling Holy Linens." 

Enjoyed praise and inspirational words from the Rt. Rev. A. C. "Chip"
Marble, retired bishop of Mississippi during its opening banquet. 
Agreed to give daily worship offerings to the Indian Burial Assistance
Project here in Minneapolis, which will provide funds to American Indian
families to help them secure dignified affordable and culturally
appropriate burial items and services.

NAGA also is hosting an Ecclesiastical Art Exhibit in room 206 at the
Convention Center. Cloth is worked in every conceivable manner to
produce stunning banners, vestments, wall hangings and free-standing
figures in a creche scene. The theme of the exhibit, "The Use of Art to
Enhance Worship," is carried out in bold colors, on large banners and
with simple style. The diversity of the pieces, the materials used and
the artists who made them makes this show a must-see for those in
Minneapolis. The exhibit, open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in room 206,
closes Tuesday. 

New NAGA officers to be installed Tuesday morning at St. Mark's
Cathedral include May Sherrod, president; Polly Marshall, first vice
president; Georgia Strickland, second vice president; Jane Pomeroy,
secretary; Jane Ames, treasurer; and Barbara Gent, nominating committee

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