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[PCUSANEWS] Workshop grooms leaders

Date Tue, 5 Aug 2003 09:21:31 -0500

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Workshop grooms leaders
August 4, 2003

Workshop grooms leaders

by Nicky Re

LOUISVILLE - In the course of the weeklong Presbyterian Youth Connection
Assembly, more than 500 young people took part in a workshop titled "Light of
the World," learning how to let their individual lights shine through church

One of the leaders, Bill Francis, said this workshop was designed to help
participants "discern and understand your call for leadership in service."

"We will look at what a leader is," Francis said before the Assembly, "and
will define leadership using Biblical contexts. We will also role-play
leadership in action and take a spiritual-gift inventory to see what gifts we

The workshop began with participants examining pictures showing examples of
leadership and learning that people can be leaders in many different ways.

They read and discussed the poem, "I'm Your Child, God" by Marian Wright
Edelman, whose message was that, even though none of us possesses every
spiritual gift, all are able to serve the church with those they do have.

Workshop participants came up with a definition of leadership based on the
Gospels of Matthew and Mark, learning that a leader's qualities include
humbleness and a willingness to serve others. An inventory of spiritual gifts
helped the young people discern the spiritual tools they have and could use
as leaders.

The sessions were helpful and enjoyable. "This is an important class,"
delegate Bryan Clark said, "because it helped us learn where in the church we
might serve as leaders."

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