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[PCUSANEWS] Playing in the fields of the Lord

Date Tue, 5 Aug 2003 09:19:25 -0500

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Playing in the fields of the Lord
August 4, 2003

Playing in the fields of the Lord

by Michael Belcher

LOUISVILLE - The recreational workshop wasn't all fun and games.

The idea was that participants in the Presbyterian Youth Connection Assembly
could learn some new activities that they could take home and share with

	The young people were put through a whirlwind of games and mixers --
not just learning the rules, but also learning which games are appropriate
for which times.

	"Octopus," for example, is a game best played outdoors, while the
"double shuffle toss" is just the thing for a small area inside.

	"I enjoyed the games," said Jon Parnell of Northern Plains
Presbytery. "They made you get to know people."

	Jessica Reese, of Holston Presbytery, concurred, saying: "I got to
know my workshop mates much better. I thought it was well-led, and fun!  I'm
always looking for new games."

	At the end of the workshop, however, things took a serious turn, as
the participants talked about how to relate the games to Bible teachings, and
how to mix high- and low-energy activities. "The handouts in the packet are
good," Reese said, "and will be very useful, should I have a workshop or
'rec' session."

	Most of the participants seemed to find the workshop informational as
well as fun.

	"What I enjoyed most about the recreation workshop was how there were
never any games," said Caroline Todd, of Sheppards and Lapsly Presbytery. 
"Instead of laughing at each other, we were brought together to bond, not
only with each other but with God."

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