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[ENS] God provides passion for ministry

From "Mika Larson" <>
Date Thu, 7 Aug 2003 18:21:07 -0400

August 7, 2003

God provides passion for ministry

by: Susan Johnson
Triennial Today 
[ENS] According to Mary MacGregor, in order to be passionate for
ministry, one must be in relationship with God. It is necessary to spend
quiet time daily with no distractions. The Holy Spirit will guide one to
ministry if there is an openness and willingness to listen. The Bible is
a good source for seeking ministry direction as is reading Christian

Speaking at a workshop during the Episcopal Church Women's Triennial
meeting, MacGregor said discernment of ministry has been a lifelong
vocation, and she sees that it is that for any Christian. She is a
congregational development consultant for the Diocese of Texas.

Particular gifts are given to each person and are given for a good
purpose. In a process of gifts discovery, anyone can find what they have
to offer as a ministry. Opportunities present themselves in myriad ways,
and a person who is open and attuned to God will discern the ways God is
calling her or him and respond willingly.

Passion, in MacGregor's understanding, is a deep emotional longing of
the heart that often motivates a person to act. To have a passion for
ministry is to have "a God-given longing of the heart that compels you
to make a difference in a particular area of ministry. Through it God is
glorified, people are edified and you come to a clear understanding of
God's call in your life," she said. 

MacGregor went on to ask those in attendance to divide into small groups
and identify roles and activities about which they have been passionate.
This activity set the stage for learning the areas of ministry into
which God may be calling them. 

We have all been equipped for ministry and once we find our passion, God
will open doors to allow it to happen, MacGregor said.

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