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ACNS 3557     |     UGANDA     |     21 AUGUST 2003 

CMS launches campaign to break the silence over atrocities in northern

by Matthew Davies

In an effort to raise awareness of the shocking realities of child
abduction and the 17-year war in northern Uganda , the Church Mission
Society (CMS) launched a campaign today (21 August) by delivering a
petition to Downing Street. The petition asked Tony Blair to "help break
what local churchmen have dubbed an 'international conspiracy of
silence' over the Lord's Resistance Army's (LRA) brutal reign".

The Bishop of Kitgum diocese, the Rt Revd Benjamin Ojwang, accompanied
an Acholi refugee child to Downing Street and two children from the
first CMS church [Holy Trinity, Clapham Common] to symbolise the
charity's 100 years of solidarity with the Acholi people. 

The current conflict in northern Uganda began soon after the National
Resistance Army (NRA) of President Museveni took power in 1986. Remnants
of the previous government's forces fled into northern Uganda and
southern Sudan and formed the Ugandan People's Democratic Army (UPDA).
Several splinter groups began emerging out of the UPDA and the story of
the LRA began: originally named the Lord's Salvation Army; then the
United Christian Democratic Army; and finally the Lord's Salvation Army.

The worst victims of the situation are the youth, who are the most
productive age group and the hope of the region. The LRA are responsible
for the abduction of thousands of children and more than 20,000, some as
young as seven, are being used as soldiers, labourers and sex slaves. 

According to Human Rights Watch, an organisation dedicated to protecting
the human rights of people around the world, Ugandan government forces
also recruit children who are intended to provide security for local
villages or camps. Unfortunately, many do not return to their home areas
and are reportedly used to fight against the LRA. 

Bishop Ojwang, who begins a six-week national tour today , will visit
Acholi refugees in Britain , as well as Bristol and Lancashire dioceses
linked with his homeland. He will also visit officials at DfID, the
Foreign Office and Lambeth Palace . Speaking of his strength as coming
from God, he said, "We cannot give up because that means throwing the
bible away....We have to struggle even up to the end." 

At a press conference this morning Bishop Ojwang, whose own six children
were abducted last year, explained how he has come to echo the
children's cry. "We are in a dilemma now," he said. "The international
community has not been actively involved in finding a peaceful solution.
That's why I'm here. We need to bring the two sides together and we can
only do that through dialogue; not with guns." 

Actor David Oyelowo, who plays Danny in the hit BBC spy series 'Spooks',
also helped to launch the campaign. He told a story about six children
being dragged out of their beds by the LRA at night. They were then shot
and left in the street for all to witness the following morning. "The
LRA claim that they are doing this for some kind of godly purpose," he
said. "The children - the helpless - are caught between a rock and a
hard place." 

CMS, which has been working with the Kitgumi people since 1904,
announced that there are 800,000 people - 75% of the population of
northern Uganda - who now face starvation in so-called 'protected

Jenny Taylor, Head of Media for the Church Mission Society, said, "We
now want people to get behind us in prayer and understanding for the
people of Uganda ." 

The Press Conference was followed by a visit to Westminster Abbey to pay
homage at the statue of Acholi Archbishop Janani Luwum, an Anglican
martyr who was murdered by Idi Amin, and whose body is buried in Kitgum.

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