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Taiwan's Baptists to send Wheelchairs to Iraq

From "Char and David Alexander" <>
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 12:18:39 -0400

Title:Taiwan's Baptists Raise Funds for Wheelchairs to Iraq
Taiwan Church News 2682, July 21-27, 2003
Reported by Gu Hao-jan, Translated and rewritten by David Alexander

   In the aftermath of the American led invasion of Iraq the Taiwan Baptist
Alliance is sponsoring an appeal  to send wheelchairs tfor Iraq's
reconstruction.  The appeal, which had its major push in July, aimed to raise
enough money to provide one wheelchair from each of the Alliance's 200 member
   Rev. Tsai Ling-min, the Alliance's General Secretary, said that the
had originally been scheduled for April, but the SARS situation in Taiwan put
it on hold.
   Though churches will provide the funds, the work will be carried out
through the Eden Social Welfare Foundation.  The staff at Eden estimate that
chair can be purchased and shipped for 3,500 Taiwan Yuan (88.5 Euros, 100
US$).  By early July enough money had been received to provide 50 chairs.

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