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ACNS3625 New course to 'introduce' Australians to God: 'Alpha

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Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 16:03:18 +0100

ACNS 3625     |     AUSTRALIA	  |	15 OCTOBER 2003

New course to 'introduce' Australians to God: 'Alpha style' course for a
post-modern society

[ACNS source: Religious Media Agency] Introducing God, a new evangelism
course released this week, is set to change the way evangelism is done in
Australia. Developed by Dominic Steele, minister at Annandale Anglican Church
and Director of Christians in the Media, the course is being produced and
marketed through a new company set up by four leading evangelical

Bible Society NSW, Evangelism Ministries, Christians in the Media and City
Bible Forum have come together to form the separate company which was
established specifically to get 'Introducing God' into the community.

"The course is focused towards a post-Christian society who may have heard of
Jesus Christ but do not know what it means to be in a relationship with him,"
said Dominic.

"Unlike some other similar courses it is produced by Australians for an
Australian context."

The six to eight week course is based on 'Two Ways to Live' (the popular
evangelistic outline which has been widely used in more than 12 languages)
and starts with the idea that people are introduced to God through looking at
his biography - the Bible.

Internationally acclaimed evangelist, John Chapman, has described
'Introducing God' as a "wonderful resource". "It sweeps across the message of
the Bible as a whole," said Mr Chapman. "It helps inform the post-modern mind
in a friendly, non-threatening environment. Each participant is taken
seriously and allowed to express their point of view, while hearing God's
point of view accurately and winsomely delivered by Dominic Steele."

Neil Fitzpatrick, minister at St Paul's Carlingford, has run the course three
times, twice at a golf club house and once in a church hall.

"Introducing God has powerfully reminded us how important relationships are
in evangelism. We knew this in theory, but by doing the course we have seen
how much better a relational course is than 'one off hit' evangelism," said
Mr Fitzpatrick.

The course can also be used in a small group context.

Dave Martin, student ministry worker at Charles Sturt University, Bathurst,
found the 'Introducing God' pack to be effective and visually interesting
when he turned his lounge room into a mini-restaurant to host an 'Introducing
God' course using his DVD player.

The course is available through Bible Society NSW and Evangelism Ministries
(Sydney Anglican Church) on both DVD and VHS.

For more information about the course visit

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