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Taiwan's Election Approaches, Christian Youth Speak Out.

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Taiwan Church News 2713, 23 through 29 February 2004
Reported by Li Hsin-ren.  Translated and Rewritten by David Alexander

The presidential election and the referendum on peaceful resolution to the
conflict across the Taiwan Straits are scheduled for March 20th.  These two
events recently induced a group of young people to organize a signature
gathering drive entitled "When Striking Sparks for a Lively Future, Count Me
In!" Their call to the community at large was, "A decision is mandatory;
abstain from voting. Taiwan's future is Our future."
   The drive's organizers included several Christian youth, many of whom are
active participants in Presbyterian Campus Fellowship groups. Instigator Wu
Yih-cheng, a student at Kaohsiung Medical University, said, "After the
presidential elections in 2000, president Chen Shui-bian took office and
political power was transferred from one party to another. Young people were
full of expectations about the new government.	Although now we see that our
hopes have not been fulfilled, nonetheless we face another election, and we
cannot be negative about voting. On the contrary, we must cast positive
ballots and elect the better candidate. That's the reason for this activity."
   Regarding the motivation of faith, Mr. Wu said, "Several Christian
classmates have been moved by the same stimuli.  They see the historical
of Taiwan's people as weak. From their biblical background they have seen the
historical sense of the people of Israel.  In turn then, they see a need for
Taiwan to move toward democratic reform.  But it's like a trip into the
wilderness. Encouragers and companions are needed. This is not a time for
evasion or resistance. Being a Christian means making an attempt to develop a
deep understanding of history and a concern for society. We call on our
friends and acquaintances to join in the journey."
   He points out that the activity does not aim towards bringing the Messiah
by political means.  It looks toward social justice.  The struggle between
pro-independence and pro-unification forces in Taiwan's political milieu has
resulted in neglect of many national problems. This is what pushed the young
organizers of the drive into political action.
   The activity will go out of doors on 6th March in front of the Red
in Taipei's Hsimenting Youth Shopping District.

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