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AACC - President Mwai Kibaki Says Role of Church and State

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Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 14:28:31 -0700

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By AACC Media Team and Kenya Presidential Press Service

NAIROBI, April 14, 2004  President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya has said the role 
of the church and state were complimentary in the socio-economic 
development of the country.

The President was speaking at State House, Nairobi (April 14) when he held 
discussions with an ecumenical delegation led by the General Secretary of 
the World Council of Churches (WCC), Rev. Dr. Sam Kobia.

President Kibaki encouraged the Church to be more pro-active in providing 
directions on the way forward on some of the sticky issues in the country.

The discussions also covered other areas including the fight against 
HIV/AIDS where the President commended the church for its efforts in 
sensitizing Kenyans on the need to adopt behaviour change that would halt 
the spread of the killer disease.

The Rev. Kobia hailed the Presidents peace initiatives in the region and 
especially in Somalia and Sudan and expressed hope that the efforts could 
result into concrete peace agreements in the two countries.

The Rev. Kobia gave the assurance that through ecumenical initiative the 
church would continue to compliment the work of the government in 
prevention and eradication of the HIV/AIDS.

The Rev. Kobia who took over the leadership of the WCC in January this year 
is the first African to hold the post. He was accompanied by the President 
for Africa of the World Council of Churches Dr. Agnes Abuom the President 
of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC), Rev.

Dr. Nyansako-ni-Nku, AACC General Secretary Rev. Dr. H. Mvume Dandala, Teny 
Pirri  Simonian WCC Programme Officer for Church and Ecumenical Relations, 
Rev. Kobias wife Ruth Kobia, and the General Secretary of the National 
Council in Churches Kenya (NCCK) Rev. Mutava Musyimi.

Speaking on behalf of the WCC, AACC and NCCK delegation, Rev. Kobia 
commended President Kibaki for the good signs of a new promising future 
for Kenya. We thank God for the Kenyan people and the democratic gains that 
bequeathed your leadership with the task of rebuilding this great nation.

Rev. Kobia stressed that Africa has a very special place in the life and 
work of the WCC. During our last general assembly in Harare, Zimbabwe, we 
initiated a special focus on Africa together with the All Africa Conference 
of Churches (AACC) and the National Council of Churches in the entire 
continent. In Kenya we have special collaboration with NCCK in various 
activities and projects that promote human development.

He pointed out that WCC together with a network of Christian communities, 
civil society agencies and Churches world wide, have continued to work in 
the areas of education, health and food security.  We are engaged in 
affirming the dignity and life of the poor and transforming the human 
condition with the vision and values of the

He noted that the churches in Kenya, from the missionary movement to date 
continued to play a major role in complementing the work of government in 
all critical areas of human development. We celebrate and encourage their 
good work and applaud the goodwill and co-operation your government 
continues to give in this noble endeavour.

Rev. Kobia pointed out that the churches have been involved through the 
work of WCC in the ongoing peace processes and initiatives in the 
continent.  Our historic contribution goes way back to the struggles 
against apartheid in South Africa to the most recent peace initiatives in 
Liberia and Sudan.

He expressed that hope that the relationship between Kenya government and 
the churches in Kenya will continue to flourish for the good and well being 
of the people of Kenya. As Church and State we are all called to affirm 
the human dignity and democratic values of all peoples	 and by working 
together towards bringing health and wholeness especially to those 
suffering of HIV/AIDS, he added.

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