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A Peaceful and Thanks-filled Transition of Power

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Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 16:09:02 +0800

Taiwan Church News 2721, 19 through 25 April 2004
Reported by: Yang Shu-hao.  Translated and Rewritten by David Alexander

In the brief ceremony that accompanied the passing of the symbols and
authority of the office of Moderator of the General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) from the 48th Moderator to the 49th
Moderator on April 13th, a gold pectoral cross moved from one man's hand to
another's.  This new token to accompany the office was welcomed by assembled
ministers and elders with loud affirmations.

The new Moderator, Chen Dao-shiung (Tan To-hiong) accepted the cross and
office a God-given commission on the eve of his retirement.  At the time that
his name was put into nomination for the office he thought of how most of his
seminary classmates had already retired. Though he considered himself already
"half-retired," he wondered if he was willing to take the responsibility?
After prayer, he said, he believed that it was according to the divine will
for him to take up this cross and walk.  (Ten years ago he had been moderator
of the 39th Assembly. Now he once again takes on the office.)

At this juncture he deeply desires to lead the PCT in the spirit of
Reformation Christianity.  Churches working together with one heart can
both social and ecclesiastical worlds.	Prayer, support and blessing are
necessary for transformation towards a new future.

Outgoing Moderator Wang Kwang-syh (Ong Kong-su) expressed thanks to his
colleagues in the offices of the PCT General Assembly and the members of the
General Assembly Executive Committee. He said that though there may have been
differences of opinion openly expressed during meetings, he considered them
all to be his friends.

In his final statement, Rev. Wang noted that his time as Moderator was served
without elected secretary or vice-secretary, so the lack of same for Rev.
(the assembly once again failed to elect anyone to these two positions) would
not be a lonely time.  He expressed confidence that such persons as the
Executive Committee would appoint as "recorders" would be able to help the
incoming moderator as the ones who assisted him in the past.

For More Information:, Chen Dao-shiung,
Wang Kwang-syh
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