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Taiwan's Presbyterians Issue Official Statement on Presidential

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Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 16:07:34 +0800

Election Aftermath
Taiwan Church News 2721, 19 through 25 April 2004
Reported by: Gu Hao-jan.  Translated and Rewritten by David Alexander

Speaking to the noise and confusion created by the political opposition in
wake of Taiwan's March 20th presidential election, the 49th General Assembly
of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan issued a statement on March 15th.	In
addition to saying it will continue to keep an eye on the actions of the
in power, it warned those who won the election against becoming haughty or
overbearing and forget its founding principles. The statement also addressed
the candidates of the parties which lost the election and the entire 23.5
million people population of this island, calling for all to recognize,
respect and protect this land through ethnic harmony, trust and love.

The statement was backed by newly elected vice-moderator Chen Sin-liang (Tan
Sin-liong), Hwang Jau-horng (Ng Chao-hong) from the Church Law Committee,
Church and Society Committee Chairman Narang Tatao, Elder Hwang Jau-huei, and
Professor Cheng Yangen.
But when it was brought to the assembly for action several commissioners
about amending it. Some objected to terminology used to describe the losing
side in the election, saying that "pan-blue" should be replaced by the word
"opposition". Others wanted wording more closely naming the Nationalist and
People First parties.  Some said that this response was too late. These and
other ideas were sent back to committee, and an amended motion passed during
the afternoon session.

Besides congratulating President Chen Shui-bian and Vice-president Lu
Hsiu-lien on their re-election, the statement also warns them and their
Democratic Progressive Party not to become too accustomed to power.  It calls
on them to act with hearts of justice, mercy and humility as they keep their
campaign promises and work for ethnic reconciliation by reason to bring about
a New and Independent Nation on this island.  In addition the statement is
addressed to the losing candidates, Lien Chan and James Soong, asking that
they reflect on themselves and take up the responsibilities of leading the
political opposition in a responsible fashion.

The statement is intended to address the public protest and ethnic wrangling
that have followed the election and the ensuing feelings of instability and
insecurity that have become widespread.  It emphasizes a need for clarity in
society and trust of internal security and judicial agencies and their

Concluding sentences of the statement are biblical references to Amos 5:24
First Corinthians 13:6-8 on the topics of justice and love.  The call is to
all inhabitants of Taiwan, no matter what their race or creed, to recognize
this land and by faith, love and respect to effect reconciliation, peace and

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