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	November 16, 2004 .................... LCMSNews -- No. 81

	Online Bible study released

	An interactive Bible study to accompany the "Who Is Jesus?"
multi-media presentation on the LCMS Web site is available online at <>  .

	The five-part study provides Scriptural references to answer the

	* Who is Jesus?

	* Why is Jesus so important?

	* Who is God?

	* What does this mean for me?

	* Where do I go from here?

	David Berner, director of Information Services for the Synod,
said the study is appropriate for both those new to Christian teachings
as well as those who wish to increase their knowledge of Scripture. The
study may be printed out for personal or class study.

	"We hope having this study available directly on our home page
will help people not only to learn more about Christian teachings
regarding Jesus, but also to encourage them to study other resources and
to visit an LCMS congregation to ask more questions," Berner said.

	The "Who is Jesus?" study was written by Rev. Jerry Kosberg,
mission and ministry facilitator for the Pacific Southwest District.


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