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Update on Lebanon and on MECC/ACT activities - August

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Date Fri, 08 Sep 2006 11:00:32 -0700

The truce is holding and the majority of the displaced families has returned to home villages in the South of Lebanon and Beqa, and to what is left of their residences in the southern suburbs of Beirut.

While the MECC/ACT emergency operation last month focused on centers for the displaced in Beirut, Mount Lebanon and other safe areas where the displaced had taken refuge, the direction of the operation has changed to focus on the returnees in their villages and on some centers where families are still waiting for the complete withdrawal of the Israeli army from their villages in the deep south.

With this change, the MECC/ACT Appeal was revised and adjusted to respond to the present situation. The Appeal includes a three months crisis and nine months post crisis periods during which food rations will be provided to some 30,000 families, supplementary food and diapers to for 10,000 infants and children as well as mattresses, blankets, cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, heaters, material for psycho-social and rehabilitation activities, and support for the re-establishment of water supplies to around 200,000 persons. The post crisis phase will include, in addition to relief, economic, social and health rehabilitation. The MECC/ACT team will focus efforts mostly on South Lebanon, Beqa and the southern suburbs of Beirut.

As the truce holds and fuel is more available, the MECC/ACT partners are facing a little less difficulty to outreach the people in need in the remote areas.

The Lebanese have a long period of hard work and sacrifices awaiting them with respect to rehabilitation at all levels and to reconstruction as well. (attached are photos taken by the MECC/ACT team during a visit to the southern suburbs of Beirut, showing the extent of damages)

The MECC takes this opportunity to thank all those who have supported its emergency relief operation directly or through the ACT. It also extends its appreciation to all visiting delegations and messages of solidarity to the churches of Lebanon and to the Council.

Middle East Council of Churches Office of International Ecumenical Relations P.O. Box 5376, Beirut, Lebanon

Guirgis Ibrahim Saleh, General Secretary or


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