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[ENS] Mission / Music / Catalyst: After September 11

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Daybook -- Today is Monday, September 11, 2006: the fifth anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11.

* Today in Scripture: Daily Office meditation * Today in Prayer: Anglican Cycle of Prayer: * Today in History: On this day in 1994, Clayton Matthews was consecrated bishop suffragan of the Diocese of Virginia.

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Mission: Summary of Convention's Actions, 2007-2009 Budget available for download

[ENS] The Summary of Actions of the 75th General Convention and the adopted Budget for the 2007?2009 triennium are available for download in both English and Spanish.

The Summary gives a broad picture of the actions of General Convention and includes a preliminary list of the resolutions that will be referred to dioceses, committees, commissions, agencies and boards of the General Convention, and Church Center offices.

The Budget document describes the outcome of resolutions with funding implications and outlines the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society's projected revenues and expenditures for the upcoming triennium.

Summary of General Convention's Actions / Resumen de Los Actos de la Convención General:

Budget for the Episcopal Church 2007-2009:

Presupuesto de la Iglesia Episcopal 2007-2009:

The 75th General Convention considered 355 pieces of legislation: 169 resolutions came from Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards of the General Convention (A resolutions); 36 from Bishops (B resolutions); 52 from Dioceses and Provinces (C resolutions); and 98 from Deputies (D resolutions). Resolutions that were adopted by the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies in the same form become Acts of Convention.

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Music: HipHopEMass continues to spread the gospel with a beat

By Daphne Mack

[ENS] "And it just don't stop" -- one of the mottos of the Hip Hop world -- seemingly sums up the ministry of HipHopEMass in the Episcopal Church.

The brainchild of the Rev. Timothy Holder, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church of Morrisania in the Bronx, New York, HipHopEMass made its debut on the streets of the South Bronx during the summer of 2004 with just CDs and a DJ. Growth is definitely visible with the formation of the HipHopEMass band complete with drums, bass, and keyboards playing live beats of old and new rap songs.

Holder said HipHopEMass was sparked by the young people of the community and Tupac Shakur's movie "Resurrection," in which the late rapper's question -- "Who will speak for the thugs?" -- resonated and really made him begin to search his soul for ways "to reach the children and young people of our streets." He said, "I think Hip Hop is hope; Hip Hop is brilliant."

"Over 20,000 people have worshipped the wonder, love and beauty of GodHipHop in 75 celebrations in New York and across the country. God's Love is everywhere, for everybody!" Holder said.

Now with the recent publishing of the "Hip Hop Prayer Book" and the upcoming release of their first CD titled "And the Word was Hip Hop," this fall finds the ministry continuing to spread its message of "love and hope."

"The roots of Hip Hop are in social justice, social conscience and we're looking to not only reestablish but make those ties stronger," Holder explained. "The love of God is what we are preaching. It's a simple message but it's been our one message from the very beginning."

Other events include:

* November 10-12 - Episcopal Diocese of Vermont will host a creation-rap mass celebrating alongside workshops on the theology and practice of hip hop.

* December 2 - HipHopEMass will be celebrated at the "Bishop's Ball" in Greensboro, North Carolina with celebrations also planned for downtown Charlotte on December 1.

"Bringing people together and uplifting each other is what we need to work on," Jahneen Otis, rap hall of famer and director of music for New York City's Saint Mark's Church in-the-Bowery, said. "It's [HipHopEMass] about making connections with everybody."

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Catalyst: "Writing in the Dust: After September 11" from Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., by Rowan Williams, 78 pages, paperback, $12

[Source: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.] -- On the morning of September 11, 2001, Rowan Williams, distinguished theologian and (at the time) the Anglican Archbishop of Wales, was preparing to record a program on spirituality for Trinity Church, Wall Street ? just two blocks from the World Trade Center. He was interrupted. As the terrible events of that morning unfolded, the people at Trinity Church found themselves trapped by the choking cloud of dust and debris. Amid the chaos and fear, including thoughts of his own death, Williams offered encouragement and prayer to those around him.

In this small, poignant volume, written in the weeks following September 11, Williams reflects on the meaning of that horrific day. This is not a book of academic theology or a program for action. Rather, as the author says, it is one person's heartfelt attempt to find words for the grief, shock, and loss following one of America's darkest days. It is also an effort ? however tentative ? to find wisdom for the days ahead.

After the 11th, Williams asks, what are we prepared to learn? He believes we need time and opportunity to grieve ? but also to ask whether anything can grow through this terrible moment. His insightful meditations touch on a range of subjects, from the proper use of religious language, the need to foster responsible emotions, and the opportunity for careful self-reflection to the nature of globalization, questions of "just war," and the dehumanizing use of symbols.

Speaking to the painful needs of the moment, Writing in the Dust offers spiritual direction to all who struggle to discern "how faith might begin to think and feel its way through the nightmare."

To order: Episcopal Books and Resources, online at or call 800.903.5544.

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