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[ENS] Teaching: Seminarian leaders to gather in Austin / Catalyst: The Hopeful Heart

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Daybook -- Today is Tuesday, September 12, 2006. The Church calendar remembers John Henry Hobart, bishop of New York (1775-1830)

* Today in Scripture: Daily Office meditation * Today in Prayer: Anglican Cycle of Prayer: * Today in History: On this day in 1976, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. Donald Coggan visits Washington National Cathedral.

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Tuesday Teaching: Seminarian leaders to gather in Austin, Texas for annual conference

[Source: Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest] Student leaders from the 11 accredited Episcopal seminaries and divinity schools will gather at the Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest (ETSS) in Austin, Texas, September 14-17 for the annual Seminarian Leadership Conference. This is the first year that ETSS will host the conference.

Meeting under the theme "It is all about relationship," nearly 30 seminarians will explore biblical, theological, educational, communal and mission perspectives.

Ken Malcolm, a senior at ETSS from the Diocese of Virginia, and Donald Smith, a fellow senior seminarian from the Diocese of West Tennessee, planned and coordinated the event which is being supported by a grant from the Evangelical Education Society of the Episcopal Church.

"To be a member of the Anglican Communion is, by definition, relational," Malcolm said. "We can't begin to express what that means for our church without first exploring our relationships with Christ and each other."

"We Anglicans must re-learn the love that communion with one another and in Christ requires of us," Smith said. "Communion is relational and we in the Episcopal Church in the U.S. must nurture and cherish our relationship in communion with one another if we are even to attempt to approach the Great Commission of Christ."

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Catalyst: "The Hopeful Heart" from Morehouse Publishing, by John R. Claypool, 96 pages, hardcover, $14.95

[Source: Morehouse Publishing] Hope is to the human spirit what breath is to the physical body -- the very fuel that animates our being. So says best-selling author John Claypool. But with hopefulness comes the possibility of disappointment. How can we hope and yet be realistic about what we hope for? What is a hope that doesn't disappoint?

In his inimitable pastoral and gentle way, Claypool explores biblically based avenues to hopefulness. Beginning with what we can and cannot know of God's promises, he discusses the value of humility in the face of the Great Mystery that is God. Claypool then examines what we can expect by letting God be God, and he looks at the place of forgiveness and second chances in seeking hope. His conclusion addresses the greatest hope, that of the life to come beyond the grave.

This very personal book, written without theological jargon, will be a welcome companion to anyone who is struggling with disappointment, fear, or loss.

To order: Episcopal Books and Resources, online at or call 800.903.5544.

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