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Date Thu, 1 Feb 2007 11:39:48 -0500

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Daybook -- Today is Thursday, February, 1, 2007, in Epiphany. The Church calendar remembers Brigid, (d.523)

* Today in Scripture: Daily Office meditation: * Today in Prayer: Anglican Cycle of Prayer: * Today in History: On this day in 1956, Hamilton West became the fifth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Florida.

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Diocesan Digest

A round-up of news from Episcopal dioceses since January 25:

CENTRAL FLORIDA: Bishop tells diocese to be fully 'Windsor-compliant'

MASSACHUSETTS: Some parishioners ready to return to Attleboro parish after others' departure

NEWARK: Convention deals with same-gender issues, says farewell to bishop

NEWARK: Mark Beckwith ordained and consecrated as 10th bishop

OLYMPIA: Petition process opens for bishop search

PITTSBURGH: Court tells diocese to turn over documents by January 31

Province VIII seeks coordinator

SAN JOAQUIN: Bonnie Anderson to discuss Episcopal Church's mission and ministry

VIRGINIA: Council welcomes 'loyal Episcopalians,' asks for exploration of optional same-gender blessings

More Diocesan news:

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A round up of People news since January 25:

Craig Bossi named director of finance and operations for Episcopal Church Foundation

William Gillette Weinhauer, fourth Bishop of Western North Carolina, dies at 82

Winfred Vergara named director of Ethnic Congregational Development

More People news:

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Catalyst: "Taking the Plunge: Baptism And Parenting" from Morehouse Publishing, by Anne E. Kitch, 144 pages, paperback, c. 2007, $14.95

[Source: Morehouse Publishing] -- You've chosen the godparents, dressed the baby in yards of white, and headed to church for the christening. Now what? What does the sacrament of baptism mean in your child's life -- and yours?

In Taking the Plunge, parents explore how the Baptismal Covenant helps to shape the experience of raising children. What are you promising when you baptize your child? Why are "please" and "thank you" theological words, not simply polite things to say? Anne Kitch writes with a light touch and includes plenty of real-life stories.

"Ann Kitch is a quiet treasure of the Church, offering wise and relaxed access to our tradition for ordinary people, in a way that respects their wisdom and experience-while crisply reminding clergy to do the same!" - Barbara Cawthorne Crafton, author of Some Things You Just Have to Live With.

To order: Episcopal Books and Resources, online at or call 800-903-5544.

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