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[PCUSANEWS] Special report: Gulf Coast relief efforts

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Date Wed, 28 Feb 2007 09:51:52 -0500

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07115 February 28, 2007

Special report: Gulf Coast relief efforts

Extensive coverage includes stories, video and photo albums

by Jerry Van Marter

LOUISVILLE - The Presbyterian News Service - in partnership with Media Services and Internet Services - has released a special multi-media report detailing progress in Gulf Coast relief efforts since Hurricane Katrina devastated the area in August 2005.

Reporters from PNS and crews from Media Services have spent much time in recent months along the Mississippi coast and in New Orleans, documenting the efforts of Presbyterians to help with the rebuilding.

The special report includes news and feature stories, interviews, still photographs and more extensive photo albums, and video features.

Coverage includes stories on Lakeview Presbyterian Church's efforts to rebuild its ministry and facilities in one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods in New Orleans; one volunteer crew's "house-gutting" work under the leadership of Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA); the struggle to rebuild New Orleans' fishing industry and food distribution networks; the work of Presbyterians and others to minister to the thousands of children traumatized by the storm and its aftermath; the rebuilding of homes along the Mississippi coast; and an unlikely partnership between a black church, a Jewish synagogue and PDA working together to rebuild homes.

Video features allow viewers to see and hear relief workers tell their stories in their own words, as well as to see the catastrophic destruction the storm wreaked in New Orleans. Photo albums offer a close-up, detailed look at the destruction and Presbyterian efforts to overcome it.

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