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A.S.O. shoes CEO celebrates life with creative memorial service

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Date Tue, 30 Mar 2010 11:51:11 -0700

>Taiwan Church News

>3030 Edition

>March 22~28, 2010

A.S.O. shoes CEO celebrates life with creative memorial service

>Reported by Chiou Kuo-rong

>Written by Lydia Ma

He’s 80 years old, not particularly tall, and his voice  sounds so energetic 
you’d never guess

his age – this is probably how most people would describe A.S.O  shoes chain 
store CEO Lo


Recently, Lo did another revolutionary thing that caught the  attention of 
business leaders

across Taiwan. On March 20, he organized his own memorial service  at Taipei 

Ta-Tao-Cheng Church. The service was attended by friends,  colleagues, family 
members, and

>many on the who’s who list in Taiwan.

Unlike most memorial services, this one was filled with laughter  and 
celebration and also

included karaoke and traditional hymns. Lo took the stage and  performed one of 

>favorite songs.

Lo began his career polishing shoes before opening his own shoe  store. He 
eventually went

on to found A.S.O shoes chain store – the first chain store for  shoes in 
Taiwan and his career

took off from there. His story is widely circulated and admired  across Taiwan 
and he has been

profiled several times in financial and investment magazines for  his 
innovation and savvy management skills.

Lo’s wife and children are members of Tianmu Church in  Taipei. The reason Lo 
chose Ta-

Tao-Cheng Presbyterian Church as the venue for his memorial  service is because 

where his roots lay. It was there that he first began his  successful career. 
But what prompted

him to hold a memorial service for himself was because he  discovered a lump or 
a tumor in

>his lung three years ago.

Though Lo wasn’t a Christian at the time of the diagnosis, he  was able to face 
death with the

courage and optimism of a Christian. Such open-mindedness is what  helped him 
succeed in

his career as well. Lo was eventually baptized and became a  Christian. Though 
his body may

age, his new life in Christ is just beginning.

Lo’s son, Joseph Lo, described Lo’s life as one filled  with hardships, but he 
never felt bitter

about it and remained full of joy all through life. Though he  never had much 
good luck, he

understood the importance of being grateful at all times. That is  the reason 
why, in the end, he

>succeeded in all his business endeavours.

“I hope that from now on, dad won’t talk so much about  numbers, but rather, 
pray and read the

Bible with us when he comes home,” said Joseph Lo.


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