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>Friday, April 27, 2012

>[2]Protest follows sexuality conversations

>[3]Heal church with Godas love

>[4]Native Americans: Wait and see

>[5]Ecumenical welcoming at GC2012

>[6]Commentary: What would Jesus tweet?

>[7]Passing the gavel: Goodpaster to Wenner

>[8]Hope to preserve aministry of memorya

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aWe hope for a community of love. Sometimes our understanding of Godas

law gets in our way of our understanding of Godas love.a a The Rev. L.

Fitzgerald aGerea Reist, secretary of the General Conference.

>Protest follows sexuality conversations

TAMPA, Fla. (UMNS) a What was supposed to be a time of holy

conversations about human sexuality on April 25 took an unanticipated

turn when supporters of full inclusion of gays and lesbians said they

felt bullied in some of the sessions. The next day, after an emotional

statement by an openly gay delegate to General Conference, some 300

protesters joined in a silent vigil against The United Methodist

>Churchas stance.

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>Heal church with Godas love

TAMPA, Fla. (UMNS) a At the evening worship service April 26, Bishop

Robert Hoshibata of Portland, Ore., challenged listeners to imagine a

church healed by Godas love and open to everyone. aWhere disciples of

Jesus Christ proclaim and practice acceptance of all a of all others a

without regard for who they are, what they look like or whom they

love,a Hoshibata said. aThatas a church, thatas a church, thatas a

>church that is healed of mistrust and fear.a

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>Native Americans: Wait and see

TAMPA, Fla. (UMNS) a To the Rev. Sylvia Collins-Ball, the worship

service planned for April 27 is personal. Ditto for the Rev. Deborah

Wilkins and other Native Americans who will be at the aAct of

Repentance Toward Healing Relationships With Indigenous Peoples.a

However, they said, the real test will be whether it has a lasting

effect on relations between Native Americans and The United Methodist


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>Ecumenical welcoming at GC 2012

TAMPA, Fla. (UMNS) a General Conference welcomed ecumenical delegates

from two dozen affiliated churches around the world April 26. Ten of

>the representatives are voting delegates.

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>Commentary: What would Jesus tweet?

TAMPA, Fla. (UMNS) a General Conference 2012 is the first Twitter

General Conference, but four days into the legislative assembly, some

Twitter bugs are being asked to tone down their rhetoric. aThere have

been a number of comments and blog posts suggesting that the tone of

the conversation on Twitter is decidedly negative, sarcastic, and a|

well a| snarky,a writes the Rev. Jay Voorhees, a pastor and co-founder


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>Passing the gavel: Goodpaster to Wenner

TAMPA, Fla. (UMNS) a While delegates of General Conference 2012 were

engaged in legislative discussions on the future of The United

Methodist Church, members of the Council of Bishops reflected on their

impact within the denomination and celebrated the new leadership and

ministry opportunities that will arise in the next quadrennium. In an

intimate mid-morning service in the presence of fellow bishops, family

and friends, Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster of the Western North Carolina

Annual (regional) Conference transitioned leadership to Bishop

Rosemarie Wenner of Germany, the first woman from the central

>conferences to be in that position.

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>Hope to preserve aministry of memorya

TAMPA, Fla. (UMNS) a Itas not uncommon to see General Conference

delegates carrying Bibles with them, but few are carrying one as old or

historically significant as one the Rev. Robert Williams brought to

Tampa. Williams, the top staff executive of the United Methodist

Commission on Archives and History, brought Francis Asburyas 1851

Hebrew Bible, as well as a few other Methodist artifacts. Williams

fears his agencyas aministry of memorya could be in jeopardy in light

of the proposed Call to Action legislation that would fold the archival

wing of the denomination into a amega-agencya and do away with its

>current board of directors.

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>GC2012 Radio

TAMPA, Fla. (UMNS) a GC2012 Radio reporter Laura Allen caught up with

the Rev. Lorenza Andrade Smith. A United Methodist pastor who

intentionally lives on the streets, Andrade Smith said she doesn't call

herself "homeless," thanks to a lesson she learned in New York City.

"God made the world, your home is with God," someone told her. "You're

>not homeless, you live on the streets."

At the scene of the April 26 demonstration after closing worship, Art

McClanahan interviewed Sue Laurie, an advocate for the full inclusion

of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people in the life of the


[28]Listen to the Rev. Lorenza Andrade SmithA>

>[29]Listen to Sue LaurieA>

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