Generate RSS news feed

NOTE: This is the RSS feed page for the old WFN web site.

Please use the new site to create your RSS feeds.

Worldwide Faith News (WFN) allows users to configure a wide array of RSS feeds for their local computer or web site. Follow the instructions below to customize and generate your feed.

Step 1. To configure a new RSS feed, choose from the following filters for current press releases:

  • All current press releases posted to WFN (default)

Step 2. Choose your RSS reader from the list below. If you do not see your reader listed here, you may choose "General (XML)" (most RSS readers are configured to recognize an incoming XML file) or "other."

  • General (XML)
  • Bloglines
  • Bot A Blog
  • BottomFeeder
  • Google
  • Headline Viewer
  • mobilerss
  • My Yahoo!
  • NetNews Wire
  • Newsgator Online Services
  • NewzCrawler
  • Python Desktop Server
  • Radio UserLand
  • RSS Bandit
  • SharpReader
  • Shrook
  • Syndirella
  • Vox Lite
  • WINKsite
  • Win RSS
  • Other

More Help with RSS and XML readers and aggregators

The BBC has a very helpful page on using RSS. You generally have to download an RSS Reader, use a browser that supports "smart" bookmarks, or have signed up for a website that aggregates news for you. This page is designed to make it easy to add the WFN feed to whichever of these ways you are viewing your news.