About WFN

WFN is a project of the National Council of Churches USA, through the Communication Commission. It was designed in consultation with journalists, journalism school faculty, faith group news directors and participating faith groups.

Advisory Group

Worldwide Faith News is advised by the Advisory Group.

Standards and Practices

Standards and practices for formatting and submitting news to WFN

Participating Faith Groups

A list of more than two dozen national and world faith groups which have posted news to WFN.

A Historical Note

Worldwide Faith News was opened on the Internet on December 24, 1995 with a "nod" to the first radio broadcast, a historic event in human communication on that date in 1906.

WFN History

Information about the development of Worldwide Faith News since 1986.

In Memory of Michael de Beer

Michael de Beer, the technical consultant responsible for the original design of WFN passed away at age 33, August 6, 2006.

Please send comments and information requests to:

George Conklin, WFN Project Director

J. Martin Bailey, WFN Development Director

Wesley M. (Pat) Pattillo, Director of the Communication Commission, National Council of Churches USA

Philip E. Jenks, Media Relations Specialist, National Council of Churches USA